If you have ever lost the keys to your vehicle, you know how inconvenient it can be. Modern cars often use keys with chips that communicate with the computer in the vehicle, which can make things more challenging when you need a replacement key. However, working with a vehicle locksmith to create a new key and then program it for the car is often necessary to ensure the new key works correctly with your vehicle.

Replacement Keys

When you lose your car keys, having a vehicle locksmith make a new key can be the best option. The locksmith does not need the old key to cut a new one, and a mobile vehicle locksmith service can come to your location, make the key, and get you on the road quickly.  

Making the key involves determining the necessary tumbler alignment inside the ignition. However, if the car uses a chipped key, the new one will need programming to ensure the computer recognizes when you try and start the vehicle. You can get replacement keys made in advance for an emergency, but if you don't have one, you may find that a mobile vehicle locksmith is the best option for lost key replacement in a hurry. 

Key Programming

Cars using chipped ignition keys can be challenging because the engine will not start unless the key's security chip and computer can communicate. Vehicle key programming is often straightforward but requires the right tools to do the job. A vehicle locksmith or a car dealership is often the best place to find programming services, but the service is not cheap. 

If you need a new chipped key made and programmed, you may be looking at hundreds of dollars, and there is no way to bypass the anti-theft features in the computer to try and get around this. It is often a good idea to call several vehicle locksmith services to find one that can help you and is affordable.

You may find that the one with the lowest price is also the one you have to wait for because they are busy, so you need to decide if faster service is worth the extra cost when waiting for a vehicle locksmith to make a new key for you. 

Roadside Assistance Services

Some roadside assistance services have vehicle locksmith providers in their network. If you have a membership with one of these services, call them before you call a locksmith to find out if there is a provision for emergency locksmith services in your plan.

You may get enough of a discount to make using the in-network provider make the most sense. You may need to show your membership card to the locksmith when they arrive, and often the roadside club can call and arrange for the locksmith to respond to your location for you. 

Call a vehicle locksmith for more information.