Are you moving your business into new premises? One of the priority tasks is beefing up the security with new safety installations. It is prudent to change the locks, door access controls and install any other security devices you think can beef up your security. Commercial locksmith services are very useful in securing your new premises with professionally done installations. How can these security experts secure your business?

Installing and Replacing High-Security Locks 

You must replace the locks in place as a matter of caution. You never know who has access to the old keys. High-security locks are effective in keeping out burglars and other malicious actors. You need at least one high-security lock at each door facing external contact. 

It is advisable to do a security audit after moving into new premises. It will reveal where you need to install new locks. A commercial locksmith can advise you on appropriate locks for both external and external doors.

Install an Access Control System 

Access control plays a big role in maintaining safety in commercial premises. You need to control the entry and exit of people when the business is open. Access control applies to both clients and employees because there are different rights to access, even among employees. For example, not every employee should access the strongroom if you have one.

Commercial locksmith services can install an integrated access control system at different points on the premises. It is beneficial in logging movements within the premises. You can see who was where and at what time in the case of a security incident.

Install a Commercial Safe 

Would you like to secure high-value items like property deeds, passcodes, and contracts? You should have a commercial safe that can protect them against burglary, vandalization, and fire. Commercial safes are very useful in delaying and deterring criminals. You can ask a commercial locksmith to install a safe of appropriate size in your office or any other secure space on the premises.

Install Exit Devices 

Safe workplace guidelines require clear and easy exit points in commercial premises. Panic or crash bars at exit doors help in the quick and safe exit when there is an incident like a fire or terrorist attack. You need to install these devices in a way that does not compromise security. A commercial locksmith has the skills to install it without lowering the effectiveness of your other security devices.

Are you concerned about the security situation on your business premises? Engage commercial locksmith services to implement robust security measures and safeguard your assets.