If your car requires a transponder key to start the ignition, then you have a double security to bar thieves from activating ignition. There is a transmitter built inside your car's transponder key. Near the ignition switch of your car is a receiver. When you turn over the ignition switch, the key then transmits a signal that is very low. Only your vehicle can detect the signal, which enables the ignition switch. Only the interaction between transmitter and receiver activates the transmission to start your car. A prospective thief will move on to another vehicle with an ignition switch that can be hot-wired. Even if a thief brings along a copied key to get your ignition moving, it will be a futile task for the thief to accomplish. If the copied key is used, there won't be a positive response without the proper signal, and the proper signal can't be copied.

Recognizing A Transponder Key

If you're not sure if your car key operates with a transponder key, examine the key. If there's an obvious thick piece of black plastic at the top of the key, you do have a transponder key. That piece of plastic actually contains a small microchip inside it, which accounts for why it's expensive to replace. There's a high-tech electronic security system right inside that microchip that keeps your car secure. If you lose the key and must replace it, you must find an expert locksmith who is knowledgeable and has experience with transponder keys.

Costlier Replacement

You'll pay more to replace a transponder key than you would for an ordinary car key. Be also aware that the transponder key is not the same thing as your car remote feature. Remember that the key is a security system of its own that controls your car's transmission. A remote only controls the opening of your car door.

What Else Makes The Transponder Key So Very Unique?

The microchip, mentioned before, is designed with a special serial number that is preinstalled when the key is initially made. When the transponder key interacts with the receiver, the receiver proceeds to judge whether the code matches. If there's a match, your car's computer signals an unlocked status, which engages the transmission to start. All of these interactions are borne from a decidedly deceptive and complicated system. It is a dedicated system that deters intruders from illegally starting your vehicle.

Cars Equipped With Transponder Keys

Most cars manufactured after 1995 are reportedly fitted with transponder keys. Should you lose your key, or if it becomes broken, hire a professional car locksmith to program and effectively handle the replacement key. Understand that there are two different types of transponder keys. Your best choice is the encrypted transponder key with codes. A zero bitted transponder key can be cloned. Keep your locksmith's telephone number in your wallet at all times.