If you notice strange people repeatedly riding by your home late at night or early in the morning, you may wonder if they plan to break into your home. But the people you see may have something else in mind. A number of thieves target vehicles with keyless entry systems. The thieves use cheap devices to amplify the wireless signals produced by your key fob to enter your vehicle without causing damage to its doors or windows. You can take steps to protect your vehicle from car thieves and hackers with the tips below.

Inspect Your Vehicle

The first thing you want to do is inspect your vehicle for strange devices. A number of car thieves place these items on the bottom frames, tires and bumpers of the vehicles they plan to steal later. The devices contain electronic parts and wireless systems that catch the first rolling code your key fob produces once you activate it. Because the thieves intercepted the first code, your key fob won't open up the vehicle right away. Instead, the key fob sends out a second code to open your car's doors.

If you find a strange object on your vehicle, contact law enforcement right away. You can also take your vehicle to a professional locksmith and have them examine and remove the device. However, never attempt to remove the object on your own to avoid injuries or leave your vehicle unattended. The thieves can use the first rolling code to snatch your vehicle.

Put Your Key Fob in the Fridge 

If you don't notice any devices on your vehicle, place your key fob in the refrigerator until a locksmith arrives to your home, or until you take your vehicle to a locksmith for services. Some savvy car thieves use remote devices that can pick up key fob signals from a distance. The devices can obtain data on your car, truck or SUV from down the street or your neighbor's property.

Most electronic devices won't work when enclosed in or surrounded by metal objects, such as your refrigerator. To keep your key fob from becoming too cold or damp, you can place it in a clear plastic bag before storing it in the refrigerator. If you don't feel comfortable storing the key fob in the fridge, wrap it with aluminum foil, which is another way to block wireless signals. 

Once the locksmith arrives to your home, have them reprogram your key fob with a system that blocks the signals of remote hackers. Also, place a fob guard over the key fob as an added protective measure against theft. The locksmith can discuss the best ways to protect your vehicle with you. 

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