If you want to make sure that you are no longer at risk of being locked out of your home, you might want to hide a spare key outside. Of course, you will want to ensure that it is not visible or easily found by any criminals. To help you with this, you might want to take a few minutes to review the following two unique places to hide your spare house key.

Under The Flowers

This is a great hiding spot for a spare house key, because it is very unlikely that a criminal is going to naturally start digging through your flower garden in hopes of finding a key. Of course, you cannot simply stick the spare key directly into the soil because it would rust in a very short amount of time. Therefore, you are going to want to place the key inside of a plastic medication bottle with a lid that closes tight. You will then dig a little hole into the ground near one of your favorite flowers, as this will help you to remember where it is located in the flower bed. Do make sure that you dig a little bit away from the flowers so that you do not accidentally harm any roots. To help jog your memory easier, you can always add a cute decorative stone or statue over the spot where the key is hiding.

In The Dog House

Do you have a dog that occasionally visits his dog house outside? If so, this might be the perfect hiding spot for a spare key. After all, it would be rather hard for a stranger to know for sure whether your pooch is around, and they will therefore probably decide to steer clear of the dog house. However, you can easily hide a spare key on the inside of the front walls of the dog house. Simply place your spare house key in a plastic sandwich bag and then make sure that you are completely sealing it. Use duct or packing tape to secure the bag to the interior wall of the dog house. You might want to make sure that you are covering the entire small bag with strong tape so that there are no corners or sides of the bag sticking out, as this might be seen by your dog as a chew toy. 

As you can see, there really are some creative places to hide your spare house key. All you have to do is pick the spot that appeals to you the most so that you will be less likely to forget about its location. For more help with keys, contact a local locksmith.