Not all moves are to distant lands. If you're moving to a different house or apartment within an hour or so away from your current location, don't worry so much about getting everything packed at once. Instead, keep a few techniques in mind for organizing, moving and maybe even keeping some of your old household in boxes for next time.

Why Not Move Everything At Once?

Moving is a big project unless you're living out of a backpack and luggage. Home decor, furniture, clothes, kitchen appliances and massive lists of other categories need to be carefully packed away to avoid damage. When you move everything at once, that's a lot of potential for losing everything at once.

It's also a lot of work. If you've used moving services in the past, be prepared for back, leg and arm stiffness and pain the next day. With a bit of planning and staggered moving, you can stretch out the move enough to give yourself a rest.

The first thing to do is to speak with a moving equipment specialist. With their help, you can survey the belongings in your current residence to figure out which moving truck size is necessary, whether or not you'll need a lift to make moving into the truck easier or other equipment options that could help.

Once you have a truck size estimate, start sectioning off the equipment into any organizational method you prefer. You could box your belongings by room such as "kitchen stuff" or "dining room objects", or you could list each item by how fragile they might be.

Organization makes boxing a bit easier, but unpacking is even more convenient. You won't have to search around as much to get your kitchen equipped and your bedroom can be setup without rifling around for random bed sheets or lamps.

Boxes Are The Best

Cardboard boxes are an icon of moving to a new location, but you have another option that could be a permanent fixture of your new home.

Large luggage such as locked or hard plastic trunks can be used to store some of your belongings for your next move. They're more sturdy than cardboard boxes, but more expensive. Some of them can come with wheels to make moving easier and handles for better grip, but the real benefit comes from after you move.

If there's some objects you'd rather leave in storage, just keep them in your luggage! Some trunks--including the plastic ones--feature designs that aren't exactly ugly. If you can factor their design with your next home's decoration direction, you could easily keep a chest from your move in a corner, under the bed or in an attic. It's already organized, and moving again won't require packing the same old items that shouldn't have been out in the first place.

Contact a moving equipment specialist to figure out what kinds of boxes, trucks and other moving equipment may be necessary for your move.