As a business owner, getting called out of bed at night for an employee who is locked out can be disruptive. Having to call a locksmith for an emergency lockout can be expensive. If you want to reduce your risk of both and help to keep your security tight, consider investing in a keyless access control system for your building. A locksmith can help you build and implement a solid access control plan based on your building's floorplan and your company operations. Here are several reasons to consider keyless access control systems.

Tighter Control of Building Access

There are many different types of keyless entry systems, including things like security codes, biometrics and even proximity chips using Bluetooth technology. When you invest in something like this, you can create an access control database that lets you regulate the permissions by individual.

Whether you're retinal scans or Bluetooth chips, make sure each one is unique and easily identifiable to each employee. That way, you can pull access control logs at any time and know exactly who was in the building and for how long.

Additionally, the server-based controls for this type of access system make it easy to revoke access authorization for an employee who leaves or is terminated. This gives you complete control over your access system.

No More Lost or Duplicated Keys

One of the most difficult things for many business owners is the degree of trust involved in assigning key holders. While they should normally be the most trustworthy employees, you always run the risk that a key holder may misplace keys. This puts your building's security at risk.

Additionally, a key holder who feels disgruntled about a major business decision could resign and fail to return the keys or have a copy that you were unaware of. If you want to eliminate the nagging worry about additional keys out there without having to rekey the whole building, keyless access control takes the keys out of the equation for you.

Easily Accessible From Most Anywhere

If you choose a keyless entry system with remote access, you can monitor who is in your building even from home. If you want to ensure that everything is locked after hours, you can simply access the server logs through your remote access to see if anyone's been in the building. This also allows you to revoke authorizations instantly if there's a sign of trouble, such as a dishonest employee or a perceived security threat.

Talk to a locksmith like ARC Locksmith Service about the benefits of this type of lock system for your business. You'll enjoy tighter security and help reduce the risk of emergency lockouts.