One of the critical aspects to keeping your business safe is having a good system of locks in your office. Here are some tips on creating a secure office space by creating a secure lock system.

Create Different Layers of Locks

You may want your employees to have access to certain areas but not others. You can create a series of different locks to control employees' access to different parts of the office. But this applies to individual rooms as well; you might want to create two separate locks to the same door, so that employees can sometimes access the room unless you lock the second part of the lock. This gives you a lot of flexibility in designing a secure office space. 

Use Different Types of Locks

At the same time, someone who wants to do harm in your office could get ahold of one type of key and learn how to copy it. It's a good idea to use different types of locks in your office to make it more secure. For instance, try mixing up some pin tumbler locks with combination pad and regular key locks. 

Have a Lock Box

At the same time, you don't want to accidentally lock yourself out of part of the office. You can get a metal, wall-mounted lock box to place a spare set of keys in. Make sure to have a few spare sets at home to open this box. 

Change Locks Once a Year

When you have a big office, there are often many people coming in an out. Your repair technicians, the building managers, and other unknown people may at times have access to your keys. In order to prevent someone from copying your locks and getting access to your secure documents, change your locks on a regular basis using a trusted technician. 

Get a Commercial Lock Technician

If you need to have your locks fixed or replaced, it's a good idea to get the work done by someone who specializes in commercial locks. A commercial lock repair company will be sensitive to the security of your business and will be sure to protect your business while working on the locks. For instance, they can help you destroy old keys and create secure keys that are perfect for businesses. The commercial lock company can often work on a variety of locks, including deadbolt locks and safe locks. With a time sensitive project, it's best to choose a commercial lock company that can meet your needs quickly.